For the 2016 boating season, Annapolis Community is reorganizing.  This however will not deter from our Mission and Vision:
Mission-Annapolis Community Boating bitcoin investing is a community based organization that seeks to promote all boating on the Chesapeake Bay by providing affordable public access to a cooperative boating location and boating educational programs.
Vision-Our vision is to increase all boating activity so as to satisfy the needs of all boaters and potential boaters. We will provide education to the youth and serve all ages of the community to get them on the water. And, in so investing in bitcoin doing, will enhance the local marine industry and most importantly to enhance the long term reputation of Annapolis as a major marine and boating powerhouse.

We remain committed to our goals and purpose. We implore anyone who has time and passion to join us in our search for a permanent home, volunteers and financial support.  Our plan is to create a true maritime community in the near future.bb

Click here for information on our Special Paddling Events

We continue to invest in bitcoin run the Spirit of America Camps with Anne Arundel County.  Visit Youth Programs for more details.

youth-sailingSpirit of America_2015

Making boating fun and accessible for all!